Image: Tatas Fitted Mesh Breasts

Tatas Implants_003

Tatas Fitted Mesh Breasts
I know its been awhile. Unfortunately my studio in-world is closed. I am taking
a break off SL in August 2014 because i am going to study abroad in Canada.
This will be my final blog entry.

Today, I’ll be discussing about the new fitted mesh breasts implant:
The Tatas. Now out on the marketplace. The Tatas can be easily adjusted using your own normal body shape. The user hud is hard to read, just wish the creator Allison Lynagh could make the fonts more legible.

A demonstration can be seen on Youtube url:

You can tint your own skin colours, nipples and even adjust the transparency on the bra layer to suit your desires. The shape is small and has a natural look. It’s compatible with Lolas Tangos and the seems fits very well.

Compared to the Tangos and Mirage, the implants includes three bounce physics to add more realism. I actually had some fun wearing these.

Tatas Implants_002

It is also less affordable than the Tangos and only cost 1250L. If you’re looking for an affordable implant, then i recommend buying it on the marketplace.

Tatas Fitted Mesh Breasts


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